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Take your pick from our entire range of carpets in our Liverpool showroom, to create a stair runner that completely transforms the look of your stairs. We have over 1,000 different types of carpets to choose from at the Woolton Carpets, many of which can be used to create a stair runner for your home.

Take a look at images of stair runners that we’ve completed below and then get in touch using the form to make an enquiry. If you’re a little unsure about how best to proceed then you may benefit from visiting us in our Liverpool store.

Brands of Stair Runners We Stock Include:

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Our Premier Fitting Service

Our fitters can provide a premier service that takes all the hassle out of the flooring process. For an additional charge, we’ll take care of everything including: 

  • Moving all furniture. Leave your room as it is, our team will move furniture before fitting the floor and put it back where it belongs once the flooring is down. 
  • Uplifting of old flooring. Let our team do the heavy lifting and uplift any pre-existing flooring that you have in place including carpets, vinyl, or wooden flooring. 
  • Waste disposal. We’ll ensure that all waste flooring is disposed of responsibly at a waste removal center – so you can get on with enjoying your new floor.
  • Cleaning finished rooms. All newly floored rooms will be meticulously cleaned, so that the room is in a pristine state, with your new flooring and furniture intact.

Best Carpet Runners For Stairs

Just as with any other type of flooring, you’ll want to carefully consider the type of pattern you choose for your stair runner. Certain styles of patterns are better suited to carpet runners than others. So, whilst carpets come in an almost limitless array of styles, not all of them will fit the purpose of a stair runner.

When selecting your pattern, you should consider how it will appear when bent and folded down a flight of stairs. Remember that when choosing a custom-made stair runner, the material will be cut up and fitted per stair.

Choosing a geometric or precise pattern may create a challenge for whoever is fitting the stair runner, as the pattern would need to be meticulously lined up to ensure a clean look. Abstract or non-geometric patterns are better suited for stair runners, as they won’t require such precise matching.

In almost all cases, it’s best to choose a smaller pattern for your stair runner. Large patterns tend to be lost when stretched over a staircase and will be warped by the undulating nature of your stairs. Meanwhile, smaller patterns make stairs appear wider than they are and aren’t as affected by the rise and fall of each step.

Types of Stair Runners

Pre-Made Stair Runner

Pre-made stair runners are exactly what they sound like – carpet runners which are purposefully designed to fit on stairs. A benefit to buying pre-made is that the time between finding and fitting your stair runner is greatly reduced when compared to selecting a carpet to be custom made and fitted to your stairs. A drawback to buying pre-made, however, is that they can sometimes be more expensive than going custom-made.

Custom-Made Stair Runner

Custom-made stair runners are often cheaper than buying pre-made options. As stair runners can be made out of most types of carpet, it can often be cheaper to buy a discounted carpet remnant and have this made into a custom runner for your stairs. You don’t need to find a long strip to cover your stairs, as custom stair runners are made up of sections that cover each of your steps individually.

Stair Runner Options

Carpeting Stair Treads

Depending on the style that you’re aiming to achieve with your stair runners, you may want to consider runners that cover the treads of the stairs only. The tread is the top part of the stairs that you step on. Leaving the riser of the stair exposed creates a striking look to your stairs that may be better suited to contemporary homes. One benefit of this option is that it will likely cost less and be fitted quicker, as you’ll be using half the amount of carpet. Just remember that this look may not be suitable for all homes.

Classic Waterfall Finish On All Stair Runners

We offer waterfall-style stair runner fitting as standard. The carpet is tacked down at the base of each step, allowing the carpet to flow seamlessly down, without revealing the specific outline of each step.

Stair Runner Width

Whilst pre-made stair runners are manufactured in a range of standard widths, custom-made stair runners can be designed to any width that you desire. Regardless of the route that you’re taking, the width of the stair runner that you opt for will be dependent on the width of your staircase. Too narrow and you’ll feel unsure on your feet, too wide and you’ll lose the classy appeal that having a stair runner gives you in the first place.

Although there’s certainly leeway depending on your own taste, there are recommended widths for stair runners depending on the width of your staircase. For example, stairs of approximately 3 feet wide are best suited to a 27-inch runner, whereas wider stairs between 4 and 5 feet can be complemented with a 32 or 33-inch stair runner.

Our estimators can advise you on the width of stair runner that is best suited for your stair case. They can also help you to choose the right edging for your stair runner – choose from tape binding, leather binding, suede and standard binding in hundreds of colours.


What is the purpose of a stair runner?

Stair runners serve a number of purposes including protecting the exposed wood of your staircase, acting as a safety measure against slipping, and absorbing the sound of footfall when you’re using them. In addition to this, stair runners also serve as an opportunity for you to spice up your interior decor.

Are stair runners a good idea?

Stair runners are a good idea for you, especially if you want to add an extra bit of texture or detail to your staircase. Whilst they will likely cost more than simply carpeting your staircase, they have a classic, elegant appeal which allows for much more expression than leaving them bare. You’ll also be able to reduce noise levels and general wear on your staircase, which isn’t a bad thing either!

Do you need runners on stairs?

Stairs runners are by no means compulsory, they’re just one option open to you when considering flooring your home. You may decide that the noise-reduction and safety benefits aren’t enough to justify their cost. Alternatively, you may just prefer the look of your staircase as it is and may not want to cover up the wood.

Can any carpet be made into a stair runner?

Any carpet can be made into a stair runner, however, certain styles and types of carpet are preferable. Nylon and wool are typically the best types of carpet to use as a stair runner as they offer the most durability in combination with a desirable, luxurious look. Whilst these materials may cost more, they’ll also last longer than carpet runners made from cheaper materials.

How do stair runners stay in place?

Stair runners stay in place with the help of either a tackless strip and nails or through staples. Whilst you may assume that stair rods do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping the runner in place, they’re actually more of a decorative feature than anything else, with the gripper rods or staples, underlay, and runner working in tandem to ensure a tight, secure fit.

Are stair runners permanent?

Stair runners are not a permanent feature once installed, although they will require some elbow grease to remove once fitted. Whether installed using staples or a gripper rod, stair runners can be removed later down the line with little to no damage caused to your staircase as a result.

Do you need padding under stair runners?

We advise fitting padding and underlay for the longevity of the carpet. Whilst underlay isn’t vital for fitting stair runners, doing so will ensure that the carpet you use will last longer and you may find that your stairs are more comfortable to use as a result.

Do stair runners make stairs safer?

Stair runners can make polished wooden stairs safer to walk on, as they provide an increased amount of grip underfoot. The extent to which stair runners improve safety for those walking on them will depend on the type of carpet that is used, as well as the general state of the staircase themselves.

Do stair runners prevent falls?

Stair runners do not actively prevent falls, however, they do provide more traction underfoot for you which may reduce the chances of you slipping.

Do carpet runners make stairs safer?

Generally speaking, carpet runners make solid wood or stone stairs safer to use, especially by those who are unsure on their feet such as children, pets, or older people.

Are stair runners more expensive?

Stair runners are typically more expensive than fully carpeted options and may also require more cleaning too. The aesthetic benefits of stair runners are what make them stand out from full carpeting, providing a vintage look to any staircase that can’t be found with any other flooring option.

How long should a stair runner be?

The length of your stair runner will depend on the size of each step’s tread and riser, as well as the number of steps in your staircase. You may also have to consider such variables as landings, pie-shaped stairs, and stairs with 90 degree turns.

These variables can make estimating the total length required for your stair runner quite the challenge. This is why we strongly advise making use of our own estimators to measure your stairs. This comes at a £10 charge to new customers, which is deductible from your final invoice.

Will the stair runner damage the stairs?

Installing stair runners won’t necessarily lead to your stairs being damaged. In fact, if the right tools and techniques are applied, you can install stair runners whilst completely maintaining the look and finish of your staircase.

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