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Carpet Fitters in Liverpool

Fitting a new carpet can be a daunting process, so why not leave it up to the professionals? Our team of carpet fitters serving Liverpool and Merseyside have decades of combined experience between them and are trained to complete the task at hand in the most efficient means possible. 

We’ll arrive on time and fit your carpet of choice to an exceptional standard. We can take up and dispose of your existing carpets (at an additional cost), then lay your new carpet down in its place. Once we’ve finished, we’ll make sure that your home is as clean as we found it, so you can get on with enjoying your new carpet. 

You’ll be able to benefit from the generous warranties offered by our manufacturers when you choose to have the carpets fitted by us. If you have any issues within 2 years of having your new carpets fitted, we’ll happily come back to sort out any fitting errors. We’ll charge a small fee for any changes you’d like after these 2 years have passed.

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Our Premier Carpet Fitting Service

Our fitters can provide a premier service that takes all the hassle out of the flooring process. For an additional charge, we’ll take care of everything including: 

  • Moving all furniture. Leave your room as it is, our team will move furniture before fitting the floor and put it back where it belongs once the flooring is down. 
  • Uplifting of old flooring. Let our team do the heavy lifting and uplift any pre-existing flooring that you have in place including carpets, vinyl, or wooden flooring. 
  • Waste disposal. We’ll ensure that all waste flooring is disposed of responsibly at a waste removal center – so you can get on with enjoying your new floor.
  • Cleaning finished rooms. All newly floored rooms will be meticulously cleaned, so that the room is in a pristine state, with your new flooring and furniture intact.


How quickly can carpet be installed?

The time it takes to install carpet depends on a number of variables including the size of the area being carpeted, the shape of the area, the amount of furniture that must be removed beforehand, the manpower available, and the extent to which pre-existing carpets must be ripped up or removed. A simple, square room, without irregular corners or odd-shaped walls, may take a day to carpet. 

We stock over 1000 rolls of carpet and vinyl, as well as multiple styles of hard flooring. Thanks to all the stock we keep on-site, we can offer exceptionally short lead times to our customers. Lead times may increase if you choose a particular niche or bespoke product.

Do carpets need to settle?

New carpets don’t need time to settle. All newly laid wool carpets are also likely to shed a small number of loose fibres, but the majority of carpets can be hoovered straight away.

How do you prepare for a carpet fitter?
  • Clearing the room should be your first task. Remove as much furniture as possible and then vacuum the carpet to remove as much dust as possible before you pull it up. 
  • Before you have your carpet fitted, you’ll need to arrange to have your original carpet pulled up and disposed of. Our carpet fitters can handle this for you if needed, at an additional charge. 
  • A new underlay is also recommended for new carpets, so your old one will need to be removed as well. Once this is done you can give the room a good airing before the fitters get to work laying your new carpet. 

If you don’t have the time, or would prefer to not get your hands dirty, then you can take advantage of our premier fitting service. Leave your room as it is and we’ll take care of everything – including moving your furniture, uplifting old flooring, disposing of waste, cleaning and putting your furniture back.

Do carpet fitters supply grippers?

Your carpet fitters can use your old grippers if they’re in a good state. Otherwise, they will supply new carpet grippers which will be added as an additional charge to your invoice. Whilst old carpet grippers can sometimes be reused, it’s best to use brand new carpet grippers in order to get the best finish to your newly fitted carpet and to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

Do carpet fitters take up old carpet?

You can ask your carpet fitters to take up your old carpet. This comes at an additional cost, as lifting and disposing of carpet adds time to the overall job. Once lifted up, your old carpet will be taken to a waste or recycling centre, if suitable.

Do you need to move furniture for carpet fitting?

As much furniture should be cleared from the room as possible before carpet fitting takes place. You can handle this yourself, or ask your carpet fitters to do this. Moving furniture before carpet fitting comes at an additional cost, as this adds more time to the job.

Should carpet fitters clean up after themselves?

Our carpet fitters will always bag up and tidy any debris or spare cuttings after they’ve finished a job. Your carpet fitters will ensure that debris is cleaned up throughout the day, making sure the rooms that they’ve been working in are tidy before leaving. We’ll leave the bags neatly at your property, unless you opt for the premier fitting service, in which case we’ll also responsibly dispose of all waste created from the job.

Can I fit a carpet myself?

You are welcome to fit your carpet yourself if you prefer. We can deliver your carpet to you and leave you to get on with the task at hand. However, please bear in mind that we’re not able to offer warranties on self-fitted installations.  

If you are attempting to do it yourself for the first time then we’d recommend that you do plenty of research beforehand and make sure that you have all the accessories and tools you need before you get started.

Can carpet fitters work around beds?

Carpet fitters can work around beds if need be, however, you should make an effort to clear as much furniture as possible before work takes place. In the event that your bed can’t be moved then our carpet fitters can work around it, just make sure to remove any bedding before they arrive.

How do you measure a room for carpet?

We strongly advise getting one of our estimators out to measure rooms for flooring. Measuring callouts come at a £10 charge, which is applicable for new customers, this cost is deducted from your invoice once work is completed. Existing customer homes are measured free of charge. 

  • Measuring a room for your new carpet is easier than you may think. If you’re planning on carpeting more than a few rooms of your house, then it may be a good idea to draw out a simple plan of each room, to help organise your measurements. 
  • You may find it easier to measure out large, irregularly shaped spaces bit by bit as smaller rectangles. You can then add together these numbers to give your overall space to be carpeted. 
  • Once you’ve double and triple-checked, it’s advisable to add on an additional 5% in order to properly cover yourself. 

Bear in mind: we’re happy to replace flooring when an error has been made on our part, however, we cannot take responsibility for mistakes made by customers.

Do carpet fitters shave doors?

Our carpet fitters won’t shave your doors to fit your new carpet, as this is a task that is best performed by a professional woodworker. We work with a subcontractor joiner who can come out the same day at an additional cost negotiable with the joiner (roughly £20 per door). 

As part of your carpet choosing process, you should consider the height of your carpet pile, as well as the clearance that the bottom of your door currently offers.

Do carpet fitters take their shoes off?

For health and safety purposes, carpet fitters need to wear shoes throughout the day. Our carpet fitters are happy to wear provided shoe covers, if necessary. 

Will carpet fitters remove laminate?

Carpet fitters can remove laminate flooring for you if necessary, however, this will come at an additional cost. Carpet can be fitted over laminate flooring, however, this may not be the best option, as this is akin to laying wallpaper on top of an existing wallpaper. All floorings can be uplifted at an additional cost.

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